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Training and Obedience

121 Adult Training (1yr +)

Owning a pet should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for both owner and dog. It is important to build a strong relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Katie Brill PDT uses only Positive reward-based training to help enhance that relationship. 

121 training sessions take place in your own home or a pre-agreed public area. 

Working closely with you and your dog, we can help in the following areas:

  • Barking
  • Nervousness
  • Recall and lead work
  • Jumping up and over-excitement
  • Stealing objects
  • Chewing
  • Toilet training
  • Commands - Sit, Stay, Leave, Drop, Down, Eye Contact, Target Work

Discounts are available for multiple pre-booked sessions

One off session

Face to face - £60

Zoom - £45

Per Hour

3 - 4 pre booked sessions



5 + pre booked sessions



Puppy Training

Getting a new puppy is an exciting experience, but you need to ensure your bundle of fun becomes well behaved and sociable. We offer a variety of puppy packages, which are great fun, and help you to build a rewarding relationship with your new puppy.

Pre-Puppy Visit (1hr)
If you are thinking of getting a puppy this session is for you

Everything that you need to know to help decide whether a puppy is right for you and help prepare for your the new arrival. Including which breeds would suit your lifestyle, what a puppy needs throughout its life, financial considerations, and how to settle a new puppy into your home. 

Face to face - £50

Online - £45

4 Week Training Course - 121

These are designed to assist the owner in becoming more confident in raising their puppy and demonstrate the techniques required to ensure a happy, well balanced dog.

A 4 session course covers:

  • Commands such as Sit, Down, Stay
  • Eye Contact
  • Hand Target Work
  • Building a strong relationship
  • Recall
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Teaching your dog to share/drop objects
  • Teach your dog not to steal
  • Stay relaxed when being groomed/handled
  • Preventing jumping up at you /  visitors
  • Setting house rules and boundaries
  • Toilet training
  • Play biting
  • Over excitability

As well as covering topics such as

  • The use of toys to help with mental stimulation
  • Dog with children

As part of the 4 week 121 training package, you will also receive a free puppy enrichment toy

Face to face - £180

Online - £160

6 Week Group Puppy Class

This is a 6 week training course with the same content as above

As part of the 6 week course, you will also receive a puppy enrichment toy

Face to Face (Maximum 6 participants)

  • Next course dates tbc
  • Venue tbc
6 week outdoor course - £180

Book F2F Course

Zoom (Maximum 8 participants)
  • Mondays 7:30 - 8:30pm

6 week online course - £150

Book Zoom Course

Training Walks

Following your initial training, we can offer 121 training walks with your dog. 

These 30 min or 1hr walks will not only help to exercise your dog when you are unable to, they will also  help your dog to practise all of the behaviours that have been taught in your sessions. By working on these learnt behaviours outside of the home, we can gradually build up the distractions to ensure more reliability. 

30 minute training walk - £20

1hr training walk - £25

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